Who's been dusting off their Premiere-Death Star 2 strategies recently? 🎉Tonight @ 7:00pm EST 🎉@ http://twitch.tv/swccgpc Gogolen will be chatting about the format in preparation for the upcoming Retro event in April! He may be spoiling some additional prizes for the event! 🏅

My interview with 2009 world champion Brian Hunter https://www.kendallcast.ninja/2021/02/the-brian-hunter-interview.html

📢 The 1st month of the 2021 Online Championship Series is a wrap! Retwin316 & zlorfik- both qualifiers for the 2020 OCS- grab the 1st 2 spots for the season; congratulations to them! The March OCS Qualifier kicked off @ 7:00pm EST tonight- sign up today @ http://tinyurl.com/2021ocsregistration

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